My name is Tugume Agaba. I joined the Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology(KISTEC) on 20th September 2020 with no skills in tailoring. To be honest, for the time I have spent so far at KISTEC, I have learned so many things in tailoring and they are easy for me. At first, it was complicated for me to learn how to cut different styles of clothes but my trainer has made it possible. The fees are friendly and affordable by most of our parents and on top of that, we pay in installments. We pay UGX 300,000 for six months which is approximately UGX 1500 per day.

Tailoring is the best skill that can help me to get enough capital for my business. Once I get a tailoring machine, I can easily sustain myself.

For the 3 weeks, I have learned how to sew a shirt, dress, trousers,s, and skirts. I can now easily sew all these categories in different fashions.  I have made so many dresses for kids and I want to sell them.

Lack of training materials like clothes. I sometimes use papers to come up with prototypes but the papers can easily tear.

I call upon youths not to despise jobs. I completed S.4 but in the future, there will be no government jobs. But if you get your skills in tailoring, you can easily make money even if you put the tailoring machine just on the veranda. I am very confident that I going to be a better person in the future, even my kids will be well off because I can now see my future is in the right hands.

I am very grateful to my parent who is supporting my education. It was his idea for me to come here and he has cleared my fees in time. KISTEC Director has done a great job for us. He has helped us to come from the village and now we have peace and focused.