In her vision, the Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology envisaged building business-oriented graduates who are able to start their own ventures even before graduation.

Throughout the courses offered at KISTEC, students work with local businesses and local markets to test out their marketing skills.

KISTEC tailoring, fashion, and design students engage in the production of clothes made out of different fabrics, they go to the field marketing their products. While in the market, they get feedback regarding the quality of their products, where to improve, and most importantly gain negotiation and customer care skills.

KISTEC Students in one of the local markets (Picture was taken before the covid-19 lockdown

From the local markets, they are able to integrate customer feedback into the production of better products demanded by their customers. The students also share their experiences with their fellow students during practical sessions and in tutorials.

According to the Guild President for KISTEC Ms. Kemigisa Ajuna, taking their products to the market also students to gain customer management skills and also the dynamics in the pricing of products.

 When we go to the market with our own products, we sell them and get money which helps us to meet our own needs. We don’t beg from our parents. Having our own money also helps us as girls to maintain good discipline within the community.

Says Ajuna

She added that KISTEC is meaningfully contributing to the realization of students’ visions. “KISTEC has enabled us to move towards the realization of our vision.”, she added.

Meanwhile, KISTEC Principal Ms. Asiimwe Sanyu (Bachelor of Development Studies, Kyambogo University) engaging students in marketing activates builds their confidence and they also learn from a resident, experienced businessmen and women. She added that field work is part and partial of KISTEC training outcome areas.