Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology (KISTEC) is a technical institute offering professional courses in science and Technology. KISTEC has positioned itself to provide students with hands-on skills that enable them to sustain themselves through starting up their own business.

The courses offered at KISTEC are in line with the national aspirations of the Uganda stipulated in the Uganda vision 2040 (UGV2040). The institute aims at graduating students who are resilient, innovative, creative, competitive, and business oriented.  All the courses offered at KISTEC are driven by ICT. All students are equipped with ICT skills that enable them to not only excel in performance during their study but also integrate ICT in their own businesses especially in planning, marketing and analyzing the performance of their projects. Students who go through KISTEC are able to;

  • Come up with relevant solutions to community problems through creation, innovation and invention.
  • Start their own businesses through the knowledge and skills acquired from KISTEC
  • Empower other people through employing them in their startups
  • Write competitive business plans