In this course, students perform installation methods for various electrical wiring methods and safely perform their tasks according to Code rules. Topics covered in this course include raceways and wireways, cabling methods, service entrance installations, low voltage, and extra-low voltage circuits.

At the end of the course students are able to;

  • Describe the basics of operating and setting up electrical wiring systems
  • Select suitable types and ratings of electrical wiring systems
  • Understand the importance of fulfilling the requirements for safe use of electrical equipment and systems
  • Comprehend various earthing mechanisms and its importance in safety
  • Perform simple methods of calculating to check the suitability of conductors and protective earthing elements to guarantee safe operation
  • Specify electrical system testing procedures
  • Conduct sporadic checks and verification measures that need to be carried out in an electrical installation as required for compliance purposes
  • Draw up simple operational policies for safety guidelines
  • Develop realistic maintenance strategies for electrical wiring systems