Uganda is second in the world with the youngest population with over three-quarters of Ugandans below 30 years of age, and 53% below 15 years. A larger proportion of these youth is either unemployed or underemployed, and they are understandably frustrated. Most of them lack employable skills.

The Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology (KISTEC) has positioned itself to equip the youths and other people with these employable skills to curb on unemployment that is rampant in Uganda.  

One of the training programs (courses) at KISTEC is Tailoring, Fashion and Design, which has presented opportunities for female youth within the greater Kibaale, and Bunyoro sub-region to become their own manufacturers.

Youths are trained in sewing different fashions of clothes, which they put on the market and earn a living. Within 4-6 months of intensive training, trainees can provide support for themselves and their families.

KISTEC has deliberately integrated Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in all the training programmes. According to KISTEC Director Mr. Mwinganiza Godfrey (Bsc Computer Science Makerere University, MScICT for Development, Nexus International University-ongoing), he says that  ICT is like oil in an engine.  It opens doors to the world and exposes students to new technologies and innovations happening elsewhere. 

With ICT, Students are able to come up with latest fashions through access to  the internet, make prototypes from which real clothes are made and put on the market. This makes them remain competitive on the market.

Says Mwinganiza
Some KISTEC Students attending computer lectures in the laboratory

In addition, the students learn how to make reports, keep records and make outstanding presentations using relevant computer software.

At the end of the training, the students are assessed by DIT and presented with Certificates of merit.  They can decide to employ themselves or those who prefer to work in the established industries or elsewhere in workshops, garages or carpentries find it easier to get jobs.

According to Mr. Mwinganiza, despite all the efforts put in by KISTEC  to equip the youth with employable skills, the institute still faces some challenges when it comes to training facilities like carpentry machines, metal fabricating machines, weaving and knitting equipment, tailoring and computers.

I am calling upon the government and other develop partyers to partner with us through providing us with tools so that we can meaningfully reach out to many youths within the region and Uganda

Added Mwinganiza

Turning youth into manufactures is one of the aspirations of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) 2021-2026 manifesto speared headed by H.E President  Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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