Certificate in Tailoring, Fashion and Design

The Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework Level 2 Tailoring Certificate equips students with the ability to apply a moderate range of knowledge and skills to perform the less complex and moderate scope of work within a non-routine and occasionally varied structured context, undertake directed activities with some degree of autonomy while working in a team, with a limited degree of resources control and able to find simple technical solutions. Read More

Certificate in Electrical Installation Systems and Maintenance

The Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework Level 2 Domestic Electrician Certificate produces graduates who are able to handle advanced domestic electrical installation works on electricity voltages ranging between 249V-415V. He/she must be able to perform a full conduit system installation for lighting, sockets, heating appliances circuits as well as earthing. Read More

Certificate in Welding and Metal Works

With this course trainees are able to produce simple metallic products, for example, Tap Box, Piggybank, Door hooks and handles, spear, burglar design, shovel, Stool, bottle opener, key holder, and coat hinge using basic hand tools and some powered machines. Read More

Certificate in Block laying and Concrete Practice

Your career in Building & Construction could begin today. Begin studying a Certificate in Block laying and Concrete Practice Course at Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology. Read More

Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery

In this course, trainees learn basic woodworking techniques like cutting and measuring wood and the use of tools like saws and hammers. Priority focus is on the safe use of power tools, shop set-up, customer relation skills and safety protocol in the world of work. Read More

Certificate in Information Technology

This course exposes students to the fundamentals of internet/web-based application development. Specifically, students shall be given skills to design and program simple websites using simple programming languages like HTML and Dreamweaver. The course covers areas such as web development, cascade style sheets and JavaScript operations. Read More