Kagadi Institute of Science and Technology (KISTEC) has hosted a team from the Office of National Chairman (ONC). The team was led by Mr. Nuwagaba Herbert the ONC Bazukuru Coordinator for Bunyoro Sub region accompanied Mr. Mugenyi Edward-ONC Coordinator for Kagadi District, District Liaisons Officer and other officials from Kagadi District. The event took place on the 8th of March 2024 at KISTEC main campus in Kagadi Town Council, Kagadi District.

They were welcomed by the KISTEC Director Omuhereza Mwinganiza who also doubles as the Academic Registrar for KISTEC. He brought to the attention of the delegates that KISTEC started in 2019 with one tailoring machine, one laptop, and two students. He however said that the institute has so far impacted the lives of over 200 youths who have gained employable skills in Tailoring, Welding and Metal Works, Information Technology, Electrical Installation, Motorcycle Repair, Motorcvehicle mechanics, and Bricklaying and concrete practices.

Omuhereza Mwinganiza (in a white t-shirt) explaining KISTEC Vision to the delegates from ONC

He added that KISTEC aims to turn youth into manufacturers by equipping them with skills for self-reliance that enable them to effectively participate in the socioeconomic transformation of Uganda.

In the 2021-2026 NRM Manifesto the President H.E Yoweri Kagatua Museven emphasizes turning youth into Manufacturers through setting up zonal skilling hubs. The regional hub for Bunyoro that is in Masindi cannot accommodate every youth in Bunyoro. This is why I thought it’s important to start this institution so that it can support many youths who are unable to go to the regional hub. Majority of our trainees at KISTEC have not completed Primary seven. Others stopped in S.1, S.2 or S.3. Without KISTEC these would be idle in the villages and would be exerting pressure on government. These students come from families with low income and therefore majority of them cannot afford paying school fees. We collect small monies that we use to facilitate trainers and also pay rent for now 8 rooms. The demand for our services is increasing yet we are limited by space and instructional facilities.

Said Mwinganiza

Mwinganiza called upon the government to support KISTEC with seed capital so that the institute can acquire land, and put up workshops so that many youths can benefit from KISTEC training programs. He added that this is possible through the Public Private Partnership (PPP). He also said that many applications come to KISTEC from youth who would like to access free skills training. He said that the government can facilitate KISTEC to provide free training for such youth who come from families that cannot afford to facilitate their children’s education to attain employable skills.

Mr. Nuwagaba applauded Omuhereza Mwinganiza for empowering the youths with employable skills. He added that what KISTEC is doing is by and large contributing to government programs and the NRM manifesto in particular.

The regional skilling hub in Masindi takes only 25 students from every district per intake. This number is small for Kagadi district that has over 30 sub counties. What you are doing here is a relief to government and government will surely come in to support KISTEC in one way or the other.

Said Nuwagaba
Mr. Nuwagaba in the Tailoring Class at KISTEC

Nuwagaba encouraged KISTEC to first concentrate on gaining employable skills if they are to have a better future. He added that vocational skills enable people to be self-employed and most importantly make money every day. He pledged to take the good news to the Office of the National Chairman so that KISTEC could be supported.

ONC Team interacting with Welding students
ONC Team in the Compiuter Laboratory. All students are given an opportunity gain ICT skills which help them in marketing their products and also do proper record keeping in their business ventures.