Teaching and learning is done through physical interaction (face to face) and online through the institute’s electronic learning (E-learning) system accessed at www.elearning.kistec.ac.ug.

With our e-learning system, students are able to access notes, submit assignments, do online quizzes and above all stay in touch with their tutors anytime anywhere. A student who has a smartphone is able to download and install a mobile application that enables him/her to move with KIST in his/her pocket.

At KISTEC Campus, there is a computer laboratory equipped with computer systems and all connected to internet. Students who have their own laptops or smartphones access internet through the campus secured wireless interent.

KISTEC Students in the laboratory during lectures.

KISTEC also has an inhouse printery offering printing services to KISTEC students and the general public. The printery gives KISTEC secretarial students a hands-on experience in the area of printing, scanning, photocopying, binding and other related secretarial services.