KISTEC offers quality and affordable education to the people who need it most. Our fess are friendly and can easily be managed by all our parents.

DescriptionDurationTuition Fee Per Semester (Day)Tuition Fee Per Semester (Resident)
Computer Applications3 Months250,000400,000
Certificate in Dynamic Website Development3 Months300,000450,000
Certificate in Computer Networks, Repair and Maintenance3 Months300,000450,000
Certificate in Graphics Designing3 Months300,000450,000
Certificate in Domestic Electrical Installation4 Months350,000500,000
Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design 1 Year or 2 Years250,000 400,000
Certificate in Building and Construction 1 Year or 2 Years350,000500,000
Certificate in Welding and Metal Works1 Year or 2 Years350,000500,000
Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery1 Year or 2 Years350,000500,000
Certificate in Moto vehicle Mechanics 1 Year or 2 Years350,000500,000
Certificate in Motorcycle Repair1 Year300,000450,000

Other Fees

Application fees10,000
Library fees10,000
Computer lab 10,000
Identity Card10,000
Institute T-shirt25,000
Requirements for Electrical Installation Students
Electrical installation Kit (Digital Multimeter, Star Screw Drive, Claw Hammer, Phase Tester, Side Cutter, Plier), overall
Requirements for Tailoring Students
1 dozen of threads, 1 pair of scissors, 1 bottle of oil, 1 tape measure, 1 packet of sewing needle, and simple clothes for practices.