The Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework Level 2 Tailoring Certificate equips students with the ability to apply a moderate range of knowledge and skills to perform the less complex and moderate scope of work within a non-routine and occasionally varied structured context, undertake directed activities with some degree of autonomy while working in a team, with a limited degree of resources control and able to find simple technical solutions.

Course Coverage

  • Apply basic hygiene, first aid and fire fighting
  • Provide customer care
  • Use and maintain tailoring machines, tools and equipment
  • Draft patterns and cut fabric
  • Make different types of features
  • Make garments
  • Decorate garments
  • Perform finishing
  • Make craft items
  • Financial litery
  • Computer Applications

Mode of Assessment:

Assessment for both theory and practical is conducted by the Directorate of Industrial Training.

Admission Requirement

i) Applicant must have completed and passed Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) with at least 5 passes.

ii) Upgrading from UVQF level I award.